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About 2 weeks ago from LDR Holistic's Twitter via Facebook

To offer a real solution you have to understand the real problem

On the surface it appears that the problem of addiction is out of control consumption but that is only the most obvious symptom of the problem. For the alcoholic/addict consuming alcohol or drugs is not their problem it is their solution to cope with a life of disappointment, fear, and struggle! The real problem is learning how to live comfortably in their own skin.

This is the goal LDR is committed to! Our Holistic treatment approach teaches the development of mental, physical, interpersonal, and spiritual life-skills that enable the alcoholic/addict and their family to create a more fulfilling and rewarding life built on the solid foundation of recovery. The real problem begins when the search for an external solution to an internal problem takes over the lives of the alcoholic/addict impacting them and everyone they touch.

Message from the Executive Director

Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation solutions are delivered with you in mind. We have a selection of amazing staff whom possess not only the skill-sets and educational backgrounds but more importantly we have all walked in your shoes with our own history of dependency issues and live in the solution we facilitate.

Our team of committed professionals are here to assist you and/or the person of concern to access real quality treatment services. We understand the struggles and the overwhelming feelings that accompany addiction and all of the surrounding consequences. LDR Holistic Addiction Treatment Centre believes that you can make the necessary changes given that you have access to support, tools and effective resources.