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#106 - 19140 28th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 4H8

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

On behalf of all of us at LDR Holistic Treatment Inc, we encourage you to contact us, for a confidential assessment, immediate intake or to receive other information on our alcohol and drug rehab treatment programs.

LDR Holistic Addiction Wellness Centre has become one of the leading Alcohol Treatment and Drug Rehab Services in Canada. What makes us stand out: amazing staff that truly care, small intimate group sizes, professional clinical services and our programs are designed around the client.

Drug Rehab Treatment Center in British Columbia, Canada

The Conroy Drug Rehab Treatment Program is a highly specialized drug & alcohol rehab center which is located just outside of Vancouver in Langley, BC Canada. The Conroy Drug Rehab Treatment Program is customized for every client, this not just a blanket approach to drug rehab. Our men only drug rehab treatment facility is based on high staffing ratios, small intimate groups sizes, flexible clinical services and a large variety of educational sessions and so much more .

Intervention Services in Canada | Interventionist

LDR Holistic Addiction Wellness Center has been offering intervention services in Canada for many years now and has a method of successful drug and alcohol interventions. LDR Holistic Addiction Wellness Center is committed to providing specialized interventions not just a basic intervention process!

Utilizing an integrated approach to addiction interventions, our trained addiction interventionist will offer a full spectrum of services, helping you achieve the results you are seeking! We believe in educating the family or support group in order to build the foundation to establish a new level of understanding and develop tools to really deal with the problem. The family & support system needs answers “right” well we will have those! Our educational process, gives you the answers you have been looking for finally you will walk away with sense of empowerment, knowledge and a toolbox.

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